President’s Message

Steel is the primary material used in RemagenSafeRooms’ protective products. Due to tariffs currently being imposed on steel imported into the U.S., there is serious uncertainty as to the prices on any day of steel flat sheet, tubing, and connectors with which Remagen must price its products. As a consequence, Remagen will quote prices for products based on current prices quoted by steel suppliers and component manufacturers. However, sales pricing, will be based on steel prices at the time the customer place an order with Remagen. The customer will be apprised of the sales price after placing an order, and will have the opportunity to acknowledge the sales price and confirm the order or cancel the order. Remagen does not maintain large steel inventories such as major U.S. steel fabricators might do. Therefore, prices may change between the date a Remagen product price is quoted and the date an order is received. The management of RemagenSafeRooms is committed to providing engineered products which provide safety to the public at reasonable costs.

As the president of a small U.S. manufacturing company, I repeat a portion of what was contained in a letter to customers by Glenn Sherrill, the owner of one of the largest steel fabricating companies in the U.S., SteelFab:

We have no way of knowing the additional impact the tariffs will ultimately have on prices and lead times but hope that a lot of the escalation is already baked into the current price…. We appreciate your business and will do our best to mitigate the impact of the tariffs by continuing to communicate to you as soon as we have information from our steel suppliers.”