Residential Safe Room Systems

Residential Safe Room Systems for homes

The Weather Channel or a NOAA weather radio warning alerts you of a tornado warning for your area. You scramble your family to go to your tornado shelter. If the shelter is outdoors, you lead your family outside through lightning, rain, hail, and wind-driven debris to get to the storm shelter entry hatch. With a Remagen in-residence tornado safe room, your family walks into a qualified indoor tornado safe room closet without being exposed to severe weather or having to compete with snakes, crickets, centipedes, or other crawly creatures.
  • A killer tornado striking a residence leaves little to be desired. A Remagen  tornado safe room could have saved the residents of this building.
    A killer tornado striking a residence leaves little to be desired. A Remagen tornado safe room could have saved the residents of this building.

The above-ground Remagen Safe Room System residential tornado safe room provides a room size, in-residence tornado shelter at floor level, close to your living space and only seconds away from where you sleep (See Time and Motion Study). The Remagen Safe Room System components are assembled inside a room or closet inside your residence without changing the character, function, or architecture of the residence (see Safe Room Assembly Manual). Imagine the security your family will have with a tornado shelter/panic room in a nearby closet. Standard sized Remagen residential safe rooms can be designed by customers on-line using the Safe Room Planning Template. Special Residential Safe Room sizes and shapes for planned or existing residences are also available upon request (See Interior Community Tornado Safe Rooms).

The customer-designed, prefabricated light-gauge steel, Remagen Safe Room System is anchored to a wire or steel-reinforced concrete floor slab or a specially designed concrete foundation in your home. Remagen residential tornado safe rooms meet all requirements of ICC 500 – 2014, ICC/NSSA Standard for the Design and Construction of Storm Shelters, and FEMA P-320, Taking Shelter from the Storm: Building a Safe Room for Your Home or Small Business, for 250 mph EF-5 tornadoes. Contact our technical representatives for assistance and pricing at or on our toll-free number, 888-397-7142.


COLONEL JOSEPH J. SOFET – USAF Retired; Pilot of Air Force One, Kennedy/Johnson administrations; Indian River Colony Club, Melbourne, FL says;

Since we had a StormCloset installed in our home, we both feel really comfortable that we would be protected in the event of another major storm. During my Air Force career, I learned a lot about safety – personal, home safety as well as flight safety. I am satisfied that my wife and I would be protected by the StormCloset during a severe storm.When Hurricane Floyd threatened the Florida coastline several years ago, the government declared a federal emergency requiring the evacuation inland of unsheltered residents of coastal areas. My wife and I spent five hours in the terrible traffic jam creeping along the sixty mile stretch to Orlando. The brunt of the hurricane never even hit Florida. Afterwards, we decided that we would never do that again. I hope we never have to use it, but if we do, I am confident that we will be safe sitting the storm out at home in our StormCloset. “Mrs. Sofet adds: “I really feel safe just knowing the StormCloset is close by to protect us in the event a storm suddenly occurs.”

BRENT HASKELL, M.D. – Georgetown, KY says;

After all the tornadoes here in Kentucky, I wanted to thank you for your shelter that we purchased last year. Fortunately we were not directly impacted by the tornadoes but I appreciate knowing that protection is available. I’ll take some pictures of the shelter and send them to you soon. I drywalled and painted the inside and put down carpet. It’s quite comfortable now. It’s big enough that if I know a nasty storm is coming, I can open up the bed in the shelter and spend the night in the shelter in comfort without worrying about any sudden problems in the night.


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