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Remagen Safe Rooms Blast Protection
Facilities managers and military commanders concerned with facilities and missions being compromised by threats to personnel and critical or high value assets from hostile military action or terrorist threats must second guess the adversary. Many facilities in terrorist-prone regions do not have the luxury of large standoffs from public roadways. Remagen’s Blast and Ballistic Wall System (B2WS) protects the exterior and interior of such facilities. The B2WS is a ductile, composite, thin inertial wall system with high terminal ballistics resistance capable of protecting personnel and assets from external and internal improvised explosive and ballistics threats.

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Remagen’s Blast and Ballistic Wall System (B2WS) is the main structural component of our products. Using a ductile composite system and thin inertial blast wall engineering, Remagen’s B2WS has been engineered to resist high powered rifle fire, extreme blast pressures, and shrapnel impacts. We can provide varying levels of protection to suit our client’s unique needs. Remagen’s B2WS is used in both our permanent protective structures and relocatable units. Its modular design allows it to perform as a building component to retrofit or harden the interior or exterior of existing structures efficiently with little disruption to ongoing operations. When used as a complete structure, Remagen’s B2WS has the added benefit of becoming a tornado safe room capable of withstanding the wind pressures and debris impacts of EF-5 tornadoes.
In addition to engineering, Remagen conducts real world testing to ensure your protection. Demonstrations have shown the B2WS to be resistant to the following munitions: • 9 mm 115grain FMJ • .45 cal. 230 grain FMJ • .357 cal. 158 grain JHP • .223 cal. (5.56mm) 55 grain FMJ • 5.56 mm green tip steel penetrator • 7.62 mm x 93 122 grain FMJ (AK 47) • .30 cal. 120 grain FML • 3” 12 gauge slug 1oz • .50 cal. 225 grain FSP • .50 cal. 750 grain A-MAX • 155mm M107 at 40’ standoff 2x • 50 lbs TNT at 20’ standoff The B2WS has also undergone laboratory testing by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Unclassified reports on evaluation results are available upon written request to Remagen Blast and Ballistic Protection.
BlastCube – a rectangular, hardened structural module which may be employed individually or assembled with other units to provide blast mitigation and ballistic resistance. Hardened Relocatable Shelter (HRS) – a mobile expeditionary bomb blast structure that may be towed by military vehicles at speeds of 55 mph. Container Retrofit System – an economical blast-mitigation and ballistic resistant retrofit for ISO shipping containers to create protected tactical facilities. Future Product Developments – Remagen Blast and Ballistic Protection is continually developing additional Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) systems. Contact Remagen Blast and Ballistic Protection with inquiries or visit our website to see the latest developments.
Remagen Blast and Ballistic products are manufactured by Bastogne Blast Protection ( in McMinnville, Tennessee. Bastogne is an ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) registered company, and their manufacturing facility is a UL listed ISO 9001-2000 firm and is HUBZone certified (Cage Code 0K9E1). Bastogne Blast Protection handles all foreign sales and inquiries for Remagen Blast and Ballistic Protection.