Blast and Ballistic Barriers

Ballistic Barriers

Remagen’s Blast and Ballistic Wall System (B2WS) is designed to resist high powered rifle fire (up to .50 cal.), extreme blast pressures, and shrapnel impacts. We can provide varying levels of protection to suit our client’s unique needs. The B2WS is used in both our permanent protective structures and relocatable units such as the Entry Control Point. The modular design allows it to perform as a building component to retrofit or harden the interior or exterior of existing structures efficiently with little disruption to ongoing operations.

  • Relocatable B2WS blast and ballistics barrier
    Relocatable B2WS blast and ballistics barrier at passenger check-in

B2WS products offer innovative and economical solutions for anti-terrorism/force protection. Open areas inside and around buildings and structures where large numbers of people are concentrated in crowds that are walking, sitting, or standing in lines forming at ticket counters and security checkpoints have become the preferred targets for terrorists who desire to cause mass casualties and national economic disruption. Soft target protection against improvised explosives and ballistic threats is the greatest challenge facing law enforcement, anti-terrorism, and force protection professionals worldwide. The relocatable B2WS Blast and Ballistics Barrier remains stable under all anticipated terrorist initiated blast loadings, non-tornadic wind forces, and other code-required lateral loads without being attached to the floors of host buildings where they are placed. The weight of the blast barriers does not exceed 100 pounds per square foot. This allows barriers to be used on upper floors of airport terminals or other businesses.