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Maxi and I weathered the storm alone, while Andy was 'evacuated' to CA. Before he left we set up The Room: a shelf to put in our papers, computers etc an electrical cord from the ceiling, so that I had light, a little fan, radio and telephones working a comfortable chair for me and Maxi's blanket, of course.

By 2 am our county was in a tornado box on TV and since it was dark, I decided to retire to The Room. Shortly thereafter, we lost electricity but the generator kicked in automatically and then I actually fell asleep in my comfortable reclining chair until the early morning. The little fan (the last one off the shelf for $2.50) was just perfect, and we did not need any more AC, as we once had contemplated.

Well, the house is still standing, but a few trees are not!

In summary then, I felt very well prepared and protected, and will take hurricanes over earthquakes any time!

Regards, Margit
Margit Homola
StormCloset Owner

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Be sure to see this article from the News Oklahoma Aboveground shelters stood up in face of EF5 Moore tornado.

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